The Lennox and Addington Ridge Runners is a snowmobile club established in 1969 and located in the area north of Kingston and Napanee Ontario Canada. One of our main concerns is the sustainability of snowmobiling. Trail Permit dollars have to be supplemented by fund raising. It is the dedication of many volunteers that enables our club to continue to provide the safest and most enjoyable trails possible.

We strongly believe in the philosophy that the trails are there for the the snowmobiler who wants to experience a unique relationship with nature; one that respects the environment and provides a family recreational experience. It is a relationship that puts safety and the enjoyment of everyone foremost.

We understand that we have the privilege of riding on privately owned land that has been generously provided by over 100 landowners. Therefore, snowmobilers using our club's trails ride on the marked trails only and respect the landowner's property at all times.

We welcome you to our website, and hope that you will enjoy your time here. Please be sure to bookmark our website so that you may keep informed of local snowmobile events, trail conditions and news.

This past season has seen a lot of changes at the OFSC level. Requiring our Executive to spend countless hours managing these changes. Leading up to the winter riding season their hard work allowed our Club operations to run seamlessly. The Club members want to thank the Executive for their hardwork and dedication to our Club, our Trails, and organized snowmobiling.

Thank you Keith, Brian, Josh, Kim, Greg, and Denis. We appreciate you!

Results of the March AGM elections has resulted in no changes to the Executive for the coming season:

President: Keith Dawson
1st VP: Brian Kirk
2nd VP: Josh Blancher
Treasurer: Kim Redmond
Secretary: Greg Collins
Trails Manager: Denis McGinn

Congratulations to the 19 young sledders who attended the training day this past January 12th. They are now licensed snowmobilers and are looking forward to a great winter pastime. Thank you to the dedication of Chris Hammer and Bob Taylor for organizing yearly training sessions for new and up and coming sledders. The next Driver Training course will be scheduled in the Fall of 2019 watch this website for updates.


Our Club likes to have a larger volunteer base so everyone can help a little and still have time to enjoy riding. If you have a few hours you can spare even if you can only do it once a year it helps us get things done. If you think you can help a little, please contact Greg Collins - Volunteer Coordinator at

Volunteers, Bruce T, Dieter E, Rob T, Bill B, Bill B and Chris H along with JH as our instructor, retrained on the OFSC Trail Ambassador program today! It's volunteers like this who step and make sure all sleds are in compliance with a permit and offer to be a great Ambassador for all the trail help needed. If you would like to join the trail patrol program, drop us a line.


Murray Skeggs: As a first year sledder, you guys are fantastic! I follow you here and on Twitter, and the interaction and information is first rate. My 12 yr old son took your course this year and is ready for the trails next season. I can see many memories being made, thanks to your organization. Some day when I have more free time, I will be sure to volunteer and help out. For now, all I can do is purchase my permit and enjoy your wonderful trails.

Scott Paterson: Bravo to a club that kept people informed, volunteers engaged and the organization moving forward. You guys set the bar pretty high, well done!


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